Welcome to The Anchor Benevolent Society

The Society was organized in 1895 by immigrants from the Northern Adriatic Islands of Cres, Losinj, Unije, Krk and the Istra Peninsula.  The founder, Mark Gladulic, and his friends Peter Larkin, Frank Harabalja, Andrea Nicholich, Andrew Vlakancich, Domenick Kucich and Anton Vlakancich had the desire to help their fellow countrymen who came to America - the land of opportunity - to search for a better life for themselves and the families they left behind in the old country of Austria, now known as Croatia. Together these men formed a group of volunteers that provided assistance, companionship and support - both moral and material - to one another. On November 9, 1896 they were officially recognized, and became a constituted organization called the “Austrian Benevolent Society of Brooklyn #3”. On June 18, 1948 the name was changed to “Anchor Benevolent Society, Inc.” The mission of this fraternal brotherhood was - and remains - to help its members in all cases of sickness and misfortune.


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